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Miracle League of Erie County

Since 2000, The Miracle League has made it possible for individuals with physical and mental disabilities to achieve the same dream as their peers – to play baseball. The players get a reprieve from their daily challenges as soon as they step or roll out onto the field.


Through funding by sponsors and the commitment of volunteers, The Miracle League of Erie County can build a specially equipped field for players in northwest Pennsylvania. The custom-designed field incorporates a cushioned, rubberized turf that allows individuals in wheelchairs and walkers to glide unrestricted to their positions without fear of injury. In other words, it provides a level playing field so those with physical and mental disabilities can hit, run and catch. The field can also be used by wounded warriors, special olympics, senior citizens, etc.


Individuals with special needs aren’t the only ones who benefit from the action on the field. Through the “buddy” program, youth players and community volunteers partner with our players to provide assistance and encouragement. This partnership benefits both sides as they share our American pastime to find common ground and build friendships. 

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